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To be honest with you, I should have anticipated this would happen sooner or later.

In the state of Pennsylvania, I have been ejected from two sites that contain some of the state’s “Games of Skill” devices.

What was the nature of the offense?

Of course, the goal is to win. What else could it possibly be?

Although I am aware that the maker of the machines in issue is not directly connected with the site where the machines are being used, I will not identify them here since I am aware that they are not. It has also been brought to my attention that, in this particular case, even the distributor may no longer be directly connected with the operator (as a result of the fact that these specific machines may be purchased directly from a distributor by an operator).

Ironically, the establishment where I was ordered to leave and not return is actually named “Games of Skill Cafe,” but they obviously didn’t expect the customers to be skilled at the games they were offering.

As an aside, I’ve been asked to leave and not return by a restaurant or lounge for the same reason, but at least they can make the case that they don’t mainly operate as a location for “Games of Skill,” as the café may claim. In the case of the café, it seems that this is the only thing that this place is capable of doing.

This post will also discuss an extra, “Game of Skill,” that I discovered that, until more proof can be collected (for free—-that is, by watching someone else play), it is best avoided, in my view, unless further evidence can be obtained. The following information isn’t really sufficient to warrant a separate article, so we’ll get to it right away:


This game may be found in some game cabinets that include three games, which I discovered. It’s important to note that, unlike Pace-O-Matic games, these games are based on a pool of spins that continues to repeat itself indefinitely.

As a first impression, I saw that this game, as well as all of the other games on this specific cabinet, did not have a glance ahead function of any sort, so it was ruled out.

I also noticed that the game has three reels and is a single-line game, which I thought was interesting (except Free Games which has multiple lines). Although I first believed there was nothing to see, I soon realized there are four places above each reel for fishing lures, and if a fishing lure is landed on one of the reels, the light over that area illuminates. In addition, if all four places on the reel light up at the same time, that reel turns completely WILD (remember, there is still just one payline) for that spin and the next three spins.

Some of you may be acquainted with a few games at land-based casinos that have a similar dynamic to the one described in this article, but they will not be named in this post for the sake of brevity.

Because I have no intention of really losing money on something that I am not sure can be properly played, I had hoped to be able to watch the game in action (for free) while it was being played. Even if it is possible to defeat the machine, I have never had the chance to play it in the best possible variable state, which would be three lures above all reels in the best possible variable state (or a reel already wild for a few spins).

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